bemorechill (bemorechill) wrote in vintagecamera,

royal 35le film?

i found an interesting camera in my grandmother's house yesterday, and i'd like to try using it. the only problem is that i have no idea what i'm doing! it's a royal 35le and it weighs as much as a car.

what kind of film would i use? thanks so much!

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can you post a pic of the back open?
i'll try to get a picture for you, but it will have to wait until the next time i'm at her house.

Here's a thread I found about the camera on a forum:

It takes 35mm film.
thanks so much! could i buy that anywhere?
Yes, 35mm is the 'standard' film. It comes in 12, 24, and 36 exposure rolls usually. The 24 exp is the most common. I assume that you are in the US or Canada so any corner store that sells film will have it.
For the first time out I would use 400 speed of whatever is the least cost.
Try to shoot it out doors in sun. I would set the speed to 200 (400 if it goes that fast) and set the f to 16. That will get you pics that work. Now, there seems to be a light meter on it. If it works then use it to set your speed and f stop.
If you need help loading feel free to post. These all load a little differently.
Finally, post the pics here so we can see!