Felis humanus (felishumanus) wrote in vintagecamera,
Felis humanus

Box Brownie No 2 Portrait shots


I am hoping to soon embark on a 'session' and determine if my purchase actually works!

Part of my plan is to arrange for photos to be taken prior to an evening event, as i would like 'period' pictures of my outfit.

This is going to take place indoors, after sunset and with internal lighting only. (whereas for the rest of the trip i will be taking snapshots outside in the daytime)

I have had a look at a downloadable manual and the guide it gives is for natural lighting.

My question is, with modern film and internal artificial lighting, what sort of exposure should i aim for? Would the artificial lighting be deemed similar to daytime natural lighting in this case? I do hope to have a few shots taken with different settings, but would prefer to go into this with a good idea of what might be needed.

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