Spatzda (phuphuphnik) wrote in vintagecamera,

Using the c1905 Kodak tank

Using the developing tank that Kodak came out with in 1905 is pretty easy, though there a couple things that need to be done first.
The old film carrying medium is a nitrocellulose base. As such it has become very brittle with age, and is useless.

Fortunately, Freestyle in Hollywood still has the old film sheaths that were common until the spools came along.

load the film per the instruction booklet and put on the lid.

Now, because the film sheath is about half the size of the original, lets light through and due to the size can wander off of plumb, the next step is best done in the dark.
Pour the developer into the tank, set the spool with the film (oh, the backing does not come off yet!) into the tank and put on the lid. I gave it a couple shakes to get the fluid through the layers of film. Then after the developing time rinse and fix. The end result

Pull the film and paper off the spool, then rinse the film again.
All done!
Hope you enjoyed it.

Having hard time cutting the images The lj-cut isn't working, so I shrank the images. Sorry if it causes headaches.
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