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Vintage Cameras

Vintage Camera
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What constitutes a vintage camera?

For the purposes of this community a vintage camera is described as a camera that is no longer manufactured and built at least 20 years ago. There is some flexibility in this though such as a camera that ceased manufacture and has been reintroduced; the lomo lc-a would qualify if it were one of the original cameras and not the newer one.

What about film formats?

There are no restrictions on film formats.

What sort of posts are expected here?

Anything related to vintage cameras as described above, from where to find lenses to operating instructions, pictures taken with the cameras, problems, hints and tips, scams, valuations, equipment sales, why I love my camera, anything at all that is relevant and sometimes things that aren't.

Who can post in this community?

Anybody who joins the community can post.

Who is the moderator of this community?


Need any help?

Yes please, any ideas are welcome. I was thinking of perhaps listing some cameras here to give an idea of the types that would sit well in this community, and probably will do it soon, additions to it would be most welcome. Suggestions for additions to this rather brief FAQ would also be good.